Building Trust Through Social Media

So you’ve built up substantial following on Facebook and other social media platforms. Now it’s time to earn their trust by providing them with the right kind of content.

Here are some tips to boost the trust factor of your dealership’s social media presence.

Share – Come across an interesting or useful article? Share it. How about maintenance tips and simple How-To’s? Sharing these items will show your customers that you are in it for more than the sale.

Be a part of the discussion – Find interesting ways of engaging people and always be looking for opportunities to join in on an existing conversation. An easy way to start a conversation is to tap into someone else’s content and add your own commentary or perspective.

Balance self-promotion – It’s perfectly fine to promote your products and services on social media. People expect it. Just make sure that you are striking a balance between promotional and non-promotional posts or content. When you do end up promoting something, people will be a lot more receptive.

Take ownership – We all get negative feedback from time to time. Taking ownership of the situation is a great way to show others that you are easy to do business with. This will give onlookers peace of mind.

Be quick – This is especially important if your customer asks a question or makes a comment that warrants a response. Jump in as quickly as possible and respond. Even if the situation isn’t a quick fix, get the ball rolling and show others that you are attentive. Remember, it’s OK to take the issue offline after you have publicly taken ownership of the underlined feedback.

Share your fun side – Most dealerships have a quirky fun side to them, yours included. Find a creative way to share this side of your business with people on social media. It will add a human aspect to your business and add a refreshing spin to your online presence.

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