Technology and process

Technology vs Process

If technology and process went head-to-head in a battle which one would win? Would it be technology because of its ability to increase your efficiency and capability? Or would it be process because of its adaptability and repeatability? If you answered neither, you would be right. In fact, technology and process have to work together for either one of them to be effective.

Technology or process first?

In most cases it’s a good idea to implement your process first. Process defines what needs to be done, how it will be done and who will do it. For example, most dealerships have (or should have) a lead handling process that defines how a lead will be handled, from start to sale. It’s this process that defines the requirements of your technology.

Tips for getting the most out of process

Align with your goals: Make sure that your process is set up to achieve a specific goal. For example, your lead handling process is in place to turn leads into sales.

Keep it simple: In the end, a simple process is always easier to execute and leaves less chance of error. Remember, if you abandon the process you risk abandoning the sale.

Document it: A process that lives in your head will be lost if you ever leave the dealership. A key part of creating and implementing a process is documenting it so that it can be reviewed, passed on and revised.

Tips for getting the most out of technology

Align with your process: Look to your process to determine what kind of features or functions you need from your technology

Do your homework: Ask a lot of questions when shopping for your technology. Most importantly ask your potential vendor if their technology can carry out your process.

Avoid overbuying: Some product demos will leave you dazzled with advanced features and functions that you will supposedly “grow into”. Buy what you need today to avoid carrying the added cost of unused features.

Start 2017 the right way by making sure your processes and technology are aligned and ready to achieve your goals.

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