Why Customer Obsessed Dealerships Will Succeed

We have entered the Age of the Customer. It may sound like another catchy phrase coined by business pundits, and it might be, but there are some really important takeaways to be had. Up until recently organizations, government institutions and businesses held most of the power in the form of information. This is no longer the case. Consumers now have access to as much information as they care to have and it’s all right at their fingertips; Product specs, prices, availability, reviews, etc. – it’s there for the taking. Being successful in this environment means coming to terms with our new reality and adapting to a new model that is “customer obsessed”.

The ingredients of a customer obsessed business

  1. Structure – The business needs to be structured in way that allows emphasis and focus to be placed on your customer. This could mean creating a new customer focused role within the business or shifting the focus of an existing role towards the customer.
  2. Culture – This is the starting point. Before any business can be customer obsessed, the concept needs to be woven into the fabric of the company. It needs to start at the top and trickle down through the entire organization.
  3. Talent – The easiest way to create the culture you want is by hiring people that are already people focused. Look at new ways to hire new talent and make sure you really identify the skill set your organization is looking for.
  4. Metrics – As the saying goes, “you can’t change what you don’t measure”. The metrics that you use should focus on all parts of the customer journey. This includes research, online requests for information, chat logs, etc.
  5. Process – All of the processes within your business need to be simplified to ensure they improve the customer experience.
  6. Technology – This means ensuring that business technology is in place. Business technology is focused on winning new customers and maintaining relationships with existing ones.

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