How to Create an Online Giveaway

Let’s face it, we all love free stuff. That’s why online giveaways work.  Besides stirring up excitement, online giveaways are a great opportunity for your dealership to increase traffic, boost social media engagement and pull in more revenue.

Here’s the catch. They need to be planned and executed properly to be successful. Follow the rules below and you will be well on your way to reaping the rewards of a successful online giveaway.

Define your goal

Before getting started you need to determine what your goal is. This will help lay the groundwork for other parts of your strategy.  Here are some common goals:

  • Gain new email subscribers to your newsletter or email marketing list
  • Increase social media engagement
  • More social media followers

Choose a prize

Try to choose a prize that is relevant to your dealership. This is important because you want to ensure that the leads you are collecting are qualified. For example an outdoor equipment store would get the best results from giving away camping gear or something related.

Make the prize match the entry

Try to make the entry requirements match the prize that you are giving away. For example, if you are giving away a free oil change, don’t ask participants to fill out long forms or submit photos. On the other hand, you can ask more from a person who is entering a giveaway for a vehicle.

Consider bundling prizes

People tend to be attracted to prizes that include multiple items. Consider doing this especially when the overall value of the prize is of “lower value”.

Consider offering multiple prizes

People know that the odds of winning the grand prize are pretty low. To avoid having people skip out on your contest, try offering multiple smaller prizes in addition to the main prize.

Contest duration

According to research conducted by, the ideal duration for your contest is either 25 or 60 days. 25 days is an excellent starting point to ensure people stay engaged and to maximize the number of entries you receive.

Create a landing page

Make sure your contest landing page is eye catching and informative.  Use enticing images and clearly define the prize(s) and rules of the contest.

Collect the right information

Make sure you are asking for information that will help you transition entrants into your sales funnel. If you don’t have enough information you won’t be able to effectively communicate with them later. Also don’t ask for information that you won’t realistically use later.

Make a big announcement

When announcing the winner(s) be sure to gain brand exposure by taking photos with the winner(s) and posting on social media. This will also serve to show non winners that your contest was legitimate and increase the chances of them entering the next one.

Choose a platform

There are platforms out there that make running your giveaway a lot easier. Two options are Gleam and Rafflecopter.

Now that you are armed with some solid online giveaway guidelines, try creating your own contest. You might be surprised by how effective a giveaway can be at generating the results that you want.

For the full details on this topic please see “How to Do an Online Giveaway That Doesn’t Suck” by Neil Patel – QUICKSPROUT