SCI’s Digital Mystery Shop

The backbone of our unique Digital Mystery Shop is based on our award-winning patented Initial Quality Response (IQR) methodology, which was developed by studying thousands of email responses from Dealers to customers. Our data showed that when certain key elements are included in an IQR, it increased the probability of closing the sale.

What is a Digital Mystery Shop?

Digital Mystery Shops give you a window into your online customers’ digital experience. It shows you how well (or not so well) your team communicates with their online customers and how your digital leads are handled. By analyzing your team’s online exchanges, SCI gives you insights into your digital showroom so you can make the changes necessary to drive success.

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Your personalized Digital Mystery Shop Includes:


A Personalized Score Card featuring the results of your Digital Mystery Shop – We will score 3 lead responses in total (2 from your store and 1 from a close competitor) plus 3 days of email, voicemail and text tracking.

One-on-one Meeting

A one-on-one web meeting with a digital marketing expert to review your results.

National Mystery Shop

Results of our Canadian National Mystery Shop – See how you rank against other Dealerships!

IQR Template

Initial Quality Response Template – Improve your score instantly using this template!


We want you to be confident that your data and Digital Mystery Shops results will be safe in our hands. It is our commitment to you that the data collected during this Mystery Shop will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

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